our Vision

Cloud-based computer Vision

What is our vision?

Safesone is a software development company focused on Artificial Intelligent Computer Vision, and the company aims at creating a safer world through this software technology.

The software will be applicable to all types of cameras and will solve a range of different problems through Computer Vision, which are now solved with outdated or expensive hardware. Safesone is rethinking the entire concept of CCTV and se­curity, and by using advanced Cloud-Based Computer Vision the company will disrupt the industry.

our Concept

Human Detection Software

What is our concept?

Safesone’s first product, the Human Detector, will change the video surveillance industry by introducing a disruptive innovation to the market, with brand new functionalities, reducing the number of false alarms, and dramatically increase the protection of privacy.

This product is a video surveillance software using Computer Vision to detect human presence, thus, it is e.g. able to distinguish between an animal and a human. The software works on most network cameras, and the data is analysed in the cloud.

Scion DTU
AGERN Allé 24
dk-2970 Hørsholm

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cvr / dk-company number: 37 12 40 44
safesone is situated in the science park of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
and works in close cooperation with the Scion DTU network.

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